Men’s Fashion Month, which has seen a slew of changes over the past few years, has officially started in London this week. Models and observers will make their way across Europe to view 2018’s Fall and Winter collections.

Brands are opting to combine menswear and womenswear for a more complete Fashion Week in February and September, nearly dissolving a once robust Men’s Fashion Month. Since well known brands have decided to abandon the traditional schedule, up and coming designers now have the opportunity to showcase their works on a major platform. Despite the lack of fanfare at Men’s Fashion Week, people of all genders are still attracted to the more subdued celebration of an often overlooked part of the fashion industry.

The street style at Men’s Fashion Week in London could rival any womenswear gathering. Seeing as though London suffers from an eternal bomb cyclone, London’s most well dressed men were prepared for the cold. Comfortable, yet eclectic, coats and fanny packs worn in various ways heated up the streets of London.

Structure is key in menswear, but this season’s utilitarian fetish might be a comment on the hectic and confusion of the world we live in. Designers are choosing strict construction with touches of flow almost as an anchor. Militaristic designs stomped down the Craig Green runway, with muted greens underneath literal structures made with wood and yard creating a fortress around the models.

Similarly, Takahiromiyashita The Soloist chose to take the architectural route, but with a disordered twist. Each model had his face covered with variations of a black mask. Straps and skirts spoke to the androgyny that is now seen in menswear. MAN’s show featured many non binary models and non traditional clothing choices, further proving that fashion knows no boundaries.

Athleisure has an interesting spot in the world of menswear. Instead of athletic clothing taking off, tennis shoes have come to the front of footwear, replacing the boot and dress shoe. The rise of the Balenciaga Triple S has inspired many designers and consumers to try the true streetwear trend, which both hypebeasts and fashion traditionalists have taken a liking to this comfortable trend. Casual footwear is now just as intricately designed and highly regarded as a Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pump. Though most London designers chose not to include the athletic shoe on the runway, most viewers and street style models chose to go with the new trend. Nike and Adidas obviously made cameos, but other brands, like Article No., were also on the feet of some of the fashion industry’s brightest and most stylish men.

With the rest of Men’s Fashion Month ahead of us and and Women’s Fashion Month coming up shortly, fashion is in for an interesting 2018. What are some trends you are expecting to see on the runway?

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