As business major here at Xavier, it is important I take advantage of all opportunities that present
a business-related learning opportunity. Last summer, I wanted to challenge myself and apply some of the tools I’ve learned in my marketing classes. My goal was to practice luxury sales.
From May to August, I worked as a sales associate and stylist at Michael Kors. Despite having
prior retail experience, working at Michael Kors required a completely different sales technique.

At Michael Kors, we use a system called “the Michael Way.” The goal of this system is to cultivate a sense of trust and even a friendship so that the customer not only spends more in the store but also returns as a client. Building clientele was a concept I learned in my previous business courses, but putting it into practice last summer allowed me to better understand how important customer service management is to a luxury business.

The other challenge I faced was being able to sell to people who didn’t speak English. In Seattle, Wash., there is a large population of Chinese and Japanese Americans. My location was near the airport and a lot of Chinese tourists shopped with us. By working closely with my manager, I was able to learn how to sell cross-culturally. This was by far the most valuable lesson I learned throughout the summer because it is vital to operating in the international business realm.

My summer job at Michael Kors in Seattle was a great way for me to practice in the real world
what I’m learning in academics. I look forward to this holiday season to apply these lessons again.

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