My name is Jessica Nichols and I am a sophomore majoring in sales and marketing. Up until this
point, I have not had any internships or job experiences that relate to sales and marketing. However, my summers have not been spent just tanning in the sun.

For the past two summers, I was able to work with the City of Shreveport, my hometown, through an internship. There were about 40

interns, and we were divided up to work in different entities throughout the city and Caddo Parish. Some of those entities included the courthouse, animal shelter, coroner’s office, parks and recreation, and so on. I worked with the Caddo Community Action Agency, which helps provide low-income families with a variety of resources and services to improve their way of living.

Besides normal everyday office work filing, copying, and directing calls, this job has improved a
number of my soft skills. These skills will be transferrable to whatever profession I choose in the business world. For example, I have strengthened my communication and social skills working alongside individuals with conflicting views, disabilities, and different levels of education.

Working there also taught me what not to do in a business setting. The office was under very poor
leadership, and there were multiple complaints from the individuals we serviced. Our supervisor lacked essential management skills such as organization, professionalism, office etiquette, and respect. She made me realize that having good leadership within a business is just as important as making a profit. Overall, this job was a great learning experience and I’m sure it will prove to be beneficial as I develop throughout my business career.

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