“Baby, tell me is you feelin’ the vibe?” Vibes by JSAND (feat. DEZ, DJ, and BAM)

According to Jaleel “J-S.A.N.D” Ross he, along with friends Blake “Max” Brinkley, Glenn “Bam” O’Neal, and Dewayne “DJ” Parquette , “accidentally” created a song that’s making it’s way across Xavier’s campus. The song, released October 1, is titled “Vibes,” and reminiscent of the early 2000’s r&b with it’s Usher samples, smooth beats, and melodic voices.

The process to “Vibes” started the same night J-S.A.N.D finished another song, “Don’t Wanna” (featuring Kelseaux and Dez). J-S.A.N.D. made a “cold sample from a Japanese lady” whose name he forgot, and Dez, who was in the room, started singing “Nice and Slow” by Usher to the beat.

“I was like, ‘oh, we can do something with that,” J-S.A.N.D said.

Three days later, J-S.A.N.D. had a solid verse, modified to Usher’s rap on “Nice and Slow.”

“The vibe is tight, and it’s laid back like a recliner.” Vibes by JSAND (feat. DEZ, DJ, and BAM)

Creating music goes a little like this: J-S.A.N.D puts on a beat. DJ sings something. BAM comes up with a line. DJ starts singing the line.

“And then it’s like, ‘oh we can build on that,” J-S.A.N.D. said, nodding his head. “Three hours later, we have a song. It doesn’t take that long to make a song.”
In order to have musical abilities, though, the four had to start somewhere.

Binkley, from Houston, got his first guitar for his tenth birthday in the fifth grade. At first, he hated it, and his parents had to make him take lessons and play. It took him three or four years before he realized he liked playing, and then, Binkley said he “put a lot of time into it.”

Binkley also plans on continuing to play guitar. It’s not something he ever plans on quitting. According to Binkley, it’s where he “goes to.”

“Oh, baby, it’s such a wonderful feelin’, but sometimes you gotta slow it down.” Vibes by JSAND (feat. DEZ, DJ, and BAM)

“Over the past three or four years, it’s become a spiritual thing,” Binkley said.

BAM, from Lafayette, started his musical career drumming in church. Also a writer, BAM said he is always going to write.

DJ, from Gonzalez, Lou., discovered he could sing in the fifth grade. According to him, he “never took it seriously” and never imagined pursing it.

“But then people told me, ‘you could sing,’ and after awhile, I started to take it a little more seriously,” DJ said.

He isn’t sure where he plans on continuing with his vocals. DJ said he’s always liked to sing, and he might take it to the next level, but he isn’t sure.

Finally J-S.A.N.D., also from Lafayette, has been in music since the sixth grade; however, he also didn’t take it seriously at first—at least until the eighth grade. He started by rapping, and then progressed into making beats.
“I never did sports, didn’t play video games. I wasn’t into cars.” J-S.A.N.D said. “Music was always my thing.”

For J-S.A.N.D., who said music was never a hobby but a passion, he plans to continue being in music. Even as an attorney, J-S.A.N.D. said he will do music “on the side.”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, the only girl I see is you.” Vibes by JSAND (feat. DEZ, DJ, and BAM)

The quartet, who all bring something different when it comes to music, met at Xavier. J-S.A.N.D. and BAM are roommates, who have been knowing each other for a while. The two met DJ in the library, although J-S.A.N.D. didn’t know his name until six days later.
“I actually got his name when I told him to put his number in my phone,” J-S.A.N.D said.
DJ and Binkley are also roommates.

Musically, they each bring something different. BAM writes the choruses that DJ sings, and “every now and then,” he’ll drop a poem, he said

J-S.A.N.D. produces, records, mix & masters, raps, and does cover art

“And I play guitar,” Binkley said. “That’s what I do. I play guitar.”

“I got plans.Vibes by JSAND (feat. DEZ, DJ, and BAM)

“We’ve all gotten positive feedback,” BAM said of the song’s circulation on Xavier’s campus.

Thankfully, for those that like “Vibes,” this isn’t the last thing you’ll hear from the quartet. In the future, they will be releasing a song titled, “St. Mike’s Blues.”

And if you haven’t heard “Vibes,” you can hear it on J-S.A.N.D.’s Soundcloud, J-S.A.N.D.


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