Division of Business: Resort Management

My name is Justyce Riggs. I am a sophomore Accounting major with a 3.3 GPA. I am also on the Track and Field team at Xavier University. Summer 2017 I went to Destin, Florida and worked at the Henderson Beach Resort as a relation to my major. My job description was In-room dining.

With In-room dining you are to serve customers with professional room-service. My tasks at the Henderson Beach resort was to credit accounts with the charges from their room. It was a lot of office work of filling out papers, organizing paperwork, charging accounts to customers, charging accounts to the resort, taking important phone calls and having meetings with Resort management to speak on ways to improve on the new resort that was expanding quickly.

Working In-room dining at The Henderson Beach Resort was a way for me to feel the workload of office work. Also, the tedious amount of charges to accounts. It helped me with working with different kinds of people and staying focused during intense moments. Working in the Beach Resort, everything was to be handled with care and managed correctly. I learned that when working in the office, that you have a lot of different tasks that needed to be handled in a specific amount of time. Being a dedicated worker made all of the difference to my summer job. It gave me the ability to love the job I worked at also know how to handle working with money and paperwork all at the same time.

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