Division of Business: Beautify

My name is Maya Suell, and I am a junior accounting major. As my first year at Xavier came to an end, I ran across a flyer for an internship with a start-up company called Beautify.
Unlike other beauty services in New Orleans, Beautify will provide on-demand services to their prospective customers. Since convenience is most valued now-a-days, I knew this business could really thrive.

My interest in this internship was my own drive to own a business one day, and I felt getting to experience the beginning stages of opening of a business would be beneficial to me. As I worked with the founder, Kiyann Clanton, I gained experience in the process of opening up a business, managing a business, and of course, the accounting work that went into the business.

This is not just any business; beauty related businesses differ completely as many do not realize all the necessary steps of precaution that go into them. The risk in this industry is already very high, so the addition of the on-demand services, which could take place anywhere, will make it even higher.
When starting up, we had to extensively research contracts, insurance policies, and employee hiring processes that would best fit in this particular start-up. As for gaining management experience, our input was used in creating the hiring and training packets, and we also created and ran focus groups, of which we had three to get as much feedback from potential customers as we could. As previously stated, the risk in this business venture is extremely high so the hiring and training processes needed to be very extensive.

My accounting skills were put to the test as Clanton had me input a majority of her overall expenses that had occurred since she began her venture. Through this, I gained experience in QuickBooks Online. Although I was completely unaware of how the software worked, I soon got the hang of it with her help. As an intern, I also worked on my networking skills as I often had to reach out to others to participate in the events and photoshoots to promote its opening. Although Beautify has not launched yet, I am proud to say that I was given the opportunity to be apart of the journey and cannot wait for its opening.

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