According to the American Foundation for Suicide:

• Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US.
• Each year 44,193 Americans die by suicide.
• On average, there are 121 suicides per day.
• More Louisiana residents die by suicide than by homicide.
• On average, one person dies from suicide every 12 hours in the state of Louisiana. • Suicide is the third leading cause of deaths in persons aged 15-34 in the state of Louisiana.

What are the warning signs? Persons who are suicidal may talk about suicide, or threaten to take their own life. Suicidal persons may prepare for death; this can include many things

like preparing for their funeral or giving away their personal items to loved ones. Sometimes, suicidal people can be deeply depressed or show changes in their personality. Sometimes people even go as far as showing a lift in their spirits- this sudden change in mood can mean the person is feeling relieved because their problems will soon be over. There are many more warning signs in suicidal people, and those warning signs can be found on multiple websites that provide help including The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Suicide Prevention Resource Center. Because every person is different, some warning signs will not apply to a suicidal person.

There are many resources for suicidal students both on campus and off. The counseling and wellness center located on the second floor of St. Joes suite 202 offers many resources including counseling free of charge to students. If the counseling center is closed or counselors are not available, students need to call 911 in the case of emergency.


ViaLink offers counselors 24/7 they can be reached at (800)749-2673 or www.

The suicide hotline number: 1-800-273-8255

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