***This is a response to, “Op-Ed: Dear Xavier, The Freshmen Perspective” to read up on that, click here:Link ***

Dear Alajuwan Joseph, Your situation really is showing your growth and development as a first time freshman. This situation shows us that you have been thinking critically about issues that could potentially hinder your success, and that is a good thing! Ponder on this quote: “Knowledge is created by the learner, not given by the teacher”.

When your instructors refer you to areas that can increase your capacity to learn, they are helping you to become the successful student they know you can be. Additionally, instructors are available during office hours to provide additional assistance. Your professors treat you as the young adults you are. They have expectations of you to come to each class on time, because time and attendance are important, and to also be prepared when you come through the door by having already studied the material indicated in the syllabus.

Professors will not always provide the answer; in many cases they want you to discover the solution to the problem by thinking critically about the material. In fact, your class participation and engagement add to the educational experience. The student’s participation is just as important as the professor’s teaching. The relationship is reciprocal and symbiotic.

Your college years will be some of the most memorable years of your life. The administrators, faculty and staff of Xavier University, in general, and the Student Academic Success Office in particular, will provide you with a network of support that is better than Verizon! We see something in you that is deserving of our time, attention, and tutelage.

So in the words of Marva Collins, “Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it”.

As the lead of the advising team in the Student Academic Success Office, we wish the best for you and the entire Freshman Class of 2021.

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