One of the main players of R&B is back with new music. Often referred to as the modern day Prince, Miguel has just released a tune for fans titled “Sky Walker.” The melody as a whole gives fans a taste of the singer-songwriter’s next musical chapter.

“Sky Walker” is the first song released by the artist since his highly acclaimed 2015 album, Wildheart. “Sky Walker” gives Wildhearts, the name of Miguel’s fanbase, what they love – his suave voice and a full musical sound. Miguel is known for thinking outside of the box musically, and creating authentic sound, but this is a new approach for the artist. With this specific single, Miguel successfully accomplishes his musical approach, while including mainstream elements.

“Sky Walker” is about enjoying the moments of life, while also going after opportunities. The tune
contains a light-wavy beat, with additional ad-lib vocals like “splish,” which adds a playful element to the song. The song also features “Goosebumps” rapper, Travis Scott. Scott’s rap in “Sky Walker” is about his admiration for “Jordans,” jewelry, and sex, which adds a more modern hip-hop style to the song. All of these aspects allow Miguel to stay true to his music and fans, while also gaining more mainstream listeners.

The Grammy award winner also captured listeners’ attention with the “Sky Walker” music video. The video embodied Miguel’s spirit: a California boy who likes weed and a good time. The three minute clip presents visuals of Miguel having a good time with friends at a beach house. Though a very simple concept, Director X’s choice of shots of Miguel and the models partying on the beach or in the bathtub, flowed naturally.

Any fans who follow Miguel on social media and have kept track of his Instagram stories in the studio. Miguel announced to fans last November on his mobile app that he hoped to release his new album early 2017. Now it is August, and RCA Records has yet to announce a release date. However, after the “Sky Walker” single, Miguel has fans wanting more.

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