Freshman art major Barriane Franks is the new political cartoonist for The Xavier Herald.

A New Orleans native, Franks was artistically trained at the New Orleans School for Creative Arts. In her sophomore year she created an art series called “Social Injustice.” The series focuses on societal racial and gender injustices.

Barriane bases her art in reality. Her second cartoon for her column Political Aesthetics entitled “Stress”
depict two students being swallowed by hundreds of stressors- including “Trump” and “Financial Aid.” In lieu of a sort of artistic process, Franks simply thought about what stresses people out and what they do when they are stressed. Social Injustice developed after extensive research of African-American history and comparison by contemporary situations. On the purpose of her art, Franks said she hopes it will “help make this world more equal.”

Barriane Frank’s artwork can be seen on Instagram as @princess_barriane. Princess Barriane Artistry, her business, can be commissioned through

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