Rainfall Totals

September 9, 2017


Analysis: To better explain this graph represents the current projected rainfall upon Florida via Hurricane Irma. As Irma starts to move more North East it puts South Central, North Central, and Generally East Florida at risk for rainfall above 10 inches. Some States such as: Georgia and Alabama, and Tennessee are at risk of the same fate.

Coastal Watches/Warnings and Forecast Cone for Storm Center

September 9, 2017

Hurricane Irma Overview

Predictions show that from Today ( Saturday, September 9th, 2017) the concentration of the category 3 storm Irma should be above MidWest Tennessee by 2AM on Wednesday (September 13th, 2017); passing through Georgia and Alabama at 2AM on Tuesday ( September 12th, 2017), and moving upwards to affect regions such as: all of West Kentucky, and Southern Indiana and Illinois by 2AM Thursday ( September 14th, 2017)

Force Winds Arrival

The Category 4 Hurricane Irma is moving progressively Northwest from southern Florida with a 155 mile an hour wind gust, moving West by Northwest at 12 miles an hour.

Force Wind Speed Probabilities

Category 4 Hurricane Irma is moving upward Northwest  with probable wind speeds of 90 and above miles per hour.


Satellite Image of the Hurricane in Geocolor


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