Dealing with College Stress

While there are many enjoyable things about college, it can be overwhelming for students. Whether it’s maintaining high grades, meeting assignment deadlines, dealing with tough professors, battling financial aid, or managing personal relationships, most college students find themselves stressed.

“Stress is something that you go through no matter who you are,” said Bracely Williams, counselor at the Counseling and Wellness Center.

It doesn’t matter how well a student is, nor how well they do in school – anyone can fall victim to stress. Whether the student has straight-A’s or has to spend a little bit more time studying than others; or if they’re black or white, short or tall, fat or skinny, stress affects everyone, according to Williams.

“Everyone is or has been affected by stress at some point in their life,” Williams added.

Unfortunately, this definitely hits hard for college students.

At Xavier, stress is a hot topic, according to Williams. Social life, academics, health, and relationships all bring forth some kind of stress to students. Because there are multiple sources of stress, students can be affected by more than one kind.

Sadly, there is no remedy that will magically relieve stress. However, there are a variety of ways that can effectively deal with stress and reduce its effects.

“With any stress you go through the first step is to recognize what you are dealing with,” Williams commented. “And then try to seek help. Do not think you have to deal with it alone.” Williams added that there were people willing to help, and “a lot” of resources for students to access. One such resource is the Counseling and Wellness Center, located in St. Joe’s.

The CWC is a great resource for students to go that is conveniently located on campus. They are available throughout the week to help students with any type of stress related problems and will help you find the best way to deal with stress.

“Stress affects everyone differently. There is no general fix that fits everyone. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you. We make it specific for each student,” Williams said.

Freshman Karen Osei- Boamah said that, for her, “Time management, motivation, and caffeine are the keys to managing stress.”

According to Williams, when dealing with stress, it is important to promote “selfcare.”

“It’s all about sleep,” commented sophomore Jordan Wright. “Anytime I’m stressed, I just go take a nap. Then when I wake up, I actually feel like I can do everything I need to do.”

Williams said students have to make sure they are, first of all, taking care of themselves. Not just mentally either. A good diet and physical exercise can help reduce stress. Students should also take time to do things for themselves and have a healthy balance between life and school.

“Also, try to promote relaxation. Relaxation techniques are good in general,” Williams added.

There are many other additional ways that you can deal with stress. Dealing with  stress effectively depends on you personally. Check out some of these tips below from students to keep your stress in check.

• Get enough sleep. Take a nap between classes if you can
• Don’t be afraid to get help from friends, family, and/or professionals
• Lean on your classmates and peers
• Pray about it and ask for help with it
• Manage your time responsibly
• Don’t procrastinate
• Don’t overload yourself by taking on too much at once
• Find time to have fun
• Find a hobby that you like to do to relieve stress
• Stay positive

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