My junior and senior year I worked at the Windsor Court Hotel. One of the few luxury hotels in the New Orleans downtown area, Windsor Court was built to match the vintage fashion of the French Quarter. Forbes also awarded it four diamonds, which denotes excellence.

As an accounting major, I was excited to actually tackle my first job that involves my career. My responsibilities are tracking sales from year to year, processing and sending out reports, and cash handling. Working at a hotel also gives me a full contact with taxes. Customers staying with us are billed after each stay. Every bill includes a 12.75 percent tax. This includes state, city, occupancy and tourism taxes. Being able to take two courses at Xavier helped me understand why and how taxes are applied.

Working and going to school is the best thing for any student in the business department. I think that’s why our instructors push us to get experience. It helps us put our information to the test in real life situations. Also, by the time you get out of college you will be exposed to different aspects in your career.

Two things I have found very valuable in Xavier’s business division are learning how to sell myself and network. Many people have reached out to me via email to give me opportunities or point me in the right direction. The business world is a tough place to be, but making contacts through networking can go a long ways and make your career path much smoother

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