My name is Wakeelah Ollie and I am a senior from Chicago. From the moment I stepped on campus, I was determined to major in Business Management then go on to get my law degree because I came to Xavier to become an attorney/sports manger. But all this changed when I became an Uber driver.

During December of my junior year, I decided that I needed a change. I moved into my own place, broke up with my boyfriend at the time and started tutoring. Everything was going well until school started back up and my schedule changed, which threw off my tutoring schedule and caused me to start losing clients.
Living on my own was becoming too expensive, and I couldn’t find time to get a better job that would work with my schedule until my best friend from Chicago suggested that I give being an Uber driver a try—at least until I get back on my feet.

It was the perfect solution. As an Uber driver, I could set my own schedule and it solved my money problems. Uber allowed me to pick up deliveries or people based on my schedule. With the pay offered for the different Uber options, I could make the money I needed to cover my expenses—and more.
With the arrival of Uber, it became not just a chance to make extra money but also a chance to network. The people I met and the businesses I delivered gave information about what they do and also offered insight to make what I do better. The info was useful as I started to set up a routine and began to collect clients who would regularly use me to make sure I had money that would be coming in without worries.
Uber changed my life and helped me see the entrepreneur aspects of being my own boss. With that in mind, I began to build with customer service as the focus to continue to grow my business. I can pick it up any week and make a guaranteed amount.

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