Beauty and the Beast” was released March 17, and although there was controversy surrounding one of the characters in the movie, it managed to earn a recordbreaking $170 million in North America and $180 million overseas. Unsurprisingly, 60 percent of the domestic audience opening weekend was female, according to The New York Times.

Before the movie release, the director, Bill Condon, admitted that Le Fou, the sidekick of the antagonist Gaston, is gay. The movie showed Le Fou dancing with another man, which was less than a five-second scene. Even so, a theater in Alabama banned it, and Russia is banning people under 16 from watching it, according to the Huffington Post.

At the AMC Westbank Palace 16, the theater was packed opening night when I attended. There were many families and little children. There were no reactions to the scene; in fact, it was so quick even I didn’t notice. So why the controversy? Many people may just be too sensitive to a harmless little scene.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is an Enchanting Watch

“Beauty and the Beast” is a live-action remake/adaption of the 1991 animated film of the same name. The story is about a beautiful woman named Belle, who finds herself labeled as a “funny” girl in the town due to her actions and thinking that put her ahead of her time. As she deters a vain and arrogant man named Gaston who is desperate to marry her, she finds herself falling in love with a beast who was once a handsome, but vain prince. Filled with enchanting animations and joyful songs, the live-action film brings the original animation to life. We all know that any adaption will never be 100 percent like the original, but “Beauty and the Beast” comes close.

Although many had doubts about Emma Watson being cast as Belle, Watson portrays Belle well. Her beauty and attitude contribute to the success of her performance as Belle.

Dan Stevens, who plays the beast, wears an impressive costume. However, it does not compare to the original animation. The beast in the live-action film looks part human and part beast, while the beast in the animation looks like a full beast. Luke Evans, who portrays Gaston, perfectly embodies the character. His singing, looks and attitude scream Gaston. He takes the role and brings it to life.

For every character, the makers of the film kept the costumes and the overall look of the original characters as authentic as possible, which we can all appreciate.

Every Disney movie has songs and singing, and “Beauty and the Beast” is no exception. The film includes all the songs from the original animation, which the cast members sing well. Who knew Watson could sing? However, Watson’s English accent is awkward for a movie set in France. Well, in the original animated release, most of the characters had American accents anyway. However, there is a nostalgic feeling when the music comes on and the singing begins. One can tell that different singers are used for the songs, but they are sung authentically.

One of my favorite aspects of the movie is the editing of the inanimate objects. It is a pleasure to see a classic animation remade with real  people and talking household items. Keen editing makes inanimate objects—such as Lumiere and Cogsworth— coming to life seem natural. This makes the film fun for adults and children alike.

The way the movie was filmed using live actors and sharp special effects makes it more dramatic than the original animated version, which isn’t a bad thing. The editing and filming make this film visually pleasing. Overall, this movie is a great watch for those who love the original “Beauty and the Beast.” In fact, it exceeded my expectations

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