On April 13th, Marsha Ambrosius, from Floetry, and Eric Benet touched down in New Orleans at the House of Blues for another stop on their M.E. tour–which stands for Marsha and Eric. New Orleans local Derelyn opened up the show, and she was followed by Benet, who performed some of his hits such as “Chocolate Legs,” “Sometimes I Cry,” and “Spend My Life with You.” He even did a tribute to Prince, singing, “How Come You Don’t Call me Anymore?” and some songs off his most recent album. Ambrosius followed with songs she had written, such as “Butterflies.” She took some time to play rap songs to get the audience hype, and then she ended with some of the songs from her album. At the end, she announced she has a new album on the way.


Pictures by Nicholas Davison and Kaelin Maloid

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