After the scathing diss track Remy Ma directed to Nicki Minaj titled “shETHER,” Minaj waited two weeks to build her ammo before releasing three new singles, two of which feature her label mates Drake and Lil Wayne. The three new singles are “No Frauds (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne),” “Regret In Your Tears,” and “Changed It (feat. Lil Wayne).”

The single receiving the most buzz of the three is “No Frauds,” noticeably for Drake and Lil Wayne’s features, and also because it serves as her response to Remy Ma’s diss. “No Frauds,” however, does not serve as a diss track, in my opinion, but more so what is geared to be a radio hit, where shots are thrown. While many do feel Minaj’s time frame of releasing
this song is too late, personally I must say the approach of taking her time with her response and crafting it to, hopefully, be her first Billboard Hot 100 #1 song is a genius move. The track overall could have stood as Nicki’s alone in my personal opinion, as Drake and Lil Wayne’s verses serve as fillers and not verses that had to be present.

The weakest track of the #3PackFromParis as Minaj refers to it is “Changed It (feat. Lil Wayne).” While the song includes more punch lines towards Remy Ma, the overall song is not up to par with the other two tracks, and easily could have served as an album track or bonus track for her upcoming album.

My favorite song of the three is “Regret In Your Tears,” a reggae-tinged record that details the journey of finding one’s self after a break-up. With her recent break-up with rapper Meek Mill, the song serves as ode to not only the heartbreak of the situation, but also the healing. There is no feature on the track, which allows for Minaj’s talents in crafting rap/sung records to shine, and the overall reggae tone serves as nostalgia of reggae records from the early 2000s.

Nonetheless, Minaj has arrived back on the scene with three strong tracks overall, two of which leave plenty of ground for Remy Ma to respond.

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