A month ago, Professor Cliff Wright in the Division of Business asked me if I was interested in working an internship. Being in my senior year, getting experience in my chosen field was at the top of my to-do list. Susan Vaughn, a Xavier alumna and Certified Public Accountant, told Wright she was looking for a student intern to fill a position with Eldercare Support Services, a nonprofit company located in New Orleans East. I called Vaughn and set up a meeting with her. We then met and talked for a while. I found her to be very nice and reasonable. She thought I was qualified for the position, and she hired me.

The next thing I knew, I was calculating the payroll for Eldercare. However, payroll was not my only task. I also reconcile bank statements, work in QuickBooks, and make general entries to their ledger. I feel comfortable on this job because all of my responsibilities consist of accounting processes that I’ve learned and practiced at Xavier.

From simple journal entries to doing practice sets, my prior class experiences have made me confident that I can perform well here at Eldercare. Having a CPA as a mentor was beneficial also.

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