On March 23, The Xavier Wellness and Counseling Center hosted an hour and a half workshop on violence on campus. The workshop gave students information on how to contact campus security as well as their opinions on campus polices’ work throughout the day and night. As well as speaking on campus security, they spoke on the rising rape culture that happens on college campuses nationwide.

In attendance, Maci, a student from SUNO who was sexually assaulted at a party at her previous school, used her assault as a way to help other victims as well as help educate people on consent. Her program, Men Ask for Consent, is a sexual assault awareness campaign that educates men and women.

Throughout her presentation, she spoke on statistics of sexual assaults, as well as the campus violence on college campuses. She also gave advice to the students at the workshop about staying safe and watching their surroundings. The counselors discussed the statistics of campus violence, including the many different types of violence other than sexual assault. It was stated that alcohol has affects on how the violence and assault start, as well as how most assault aren’t done by strangers. Another thing statistics showed was that violence on campuses occur during the time we really don’t pay attention to it. Reading the statistics, six HBCUs were on the list of college campuses with the biggest reported assaults.

Finally, they asked students did they know their rights as students. The group of students was asked if they knew of their rights as students in emergencies ,as well as legal things such as the Title IV act that applies to the students rights after sexual assaults. They also gave information on the resources that campus security has to offer during certain events that happen such as campus violence.

The workshop in a whole was very resourceful, as well as a good way to learn about the resources that students take for granted. For more information, check out the school’s website as well as talking to the Wellness and Counseling Center.

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