Thank You, New Orleans

Thank you, New Orleans


I’ve only been living in New Orleans a mere 5 months, and this city has already touched my heart in a way I would never thought it would.


One of the many ways New Orleans has touched my heart is the citizens’ approach to changing the things they do not like.


Last weekend, my life and mind changed  for the greater good, as citizens protested Donald Trump’s inauguration. That weekend, I was able to participate in the J20 Anti-Trump Inauguration march, as well as the nationwide Women’s March in New Orleans.


The night before the march, I was with my boyfriend and he was scared for me. For a moment, I was thinking as many people in protests think— do I want to put myself in this situation? But then I realized this is why I’m here, to be a voice for the voiceless. Marching through the streets of Downtown New Orleans struck a cord through me and made me realize how powerful the people can be through solidarity.


Friday, the Anti-Trump march, the mood was not violent as many people had thought it would have been, considering what they had been seeing on TV from protests in D.C.


Saturday, the Women’s March was BIG for New Orleans. 10,000 women, men (even Seth Rogen came down) and children marched, agreeing that women’s rights are human rights. Like the march the previous day, the mood was not violent, but very humbling.


It was beautiful seeing all the different faces coming together in solidarity.


After the big turnout for both marches  this weekend, not just here in New Orleans, but nationwide, I feel we need to come together like we did in those two days. We must march and speak on social injustices occurring in the inner cities to minorities, the militarization of police and police brutality. We must educate those who do not understand why we want to speak up on these issues as well. This shouldn’t be the end, and this shouldn’t be the only reason we should march in solidarity through our bird’s eye view.

These four years will be a wild ride, but as citizens wanting a nation full of equality, we must fight for equality in everything, not what’s seen through our bird’s eye view.



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