“Though few are guilty, we are all responsible”

I write to the students of Xavier to remind you all of our duty to vote. We vote not only for individual benefits which enrich our personal lives, but more importantly, out of responsibility to each other, responsibility for our community and our neighbors. Failure to use the suffrage, for which those before us fought, marched and died, is to abdicate an essential duty. At Xavier, we are called to service to realize a more just and humane society. By casting my ballot, I speak on behalf of my neighbors and fellow citizens and I call my nation to justice.

In the aftermath of the carnage of World War II and of the Holocaust, Rabbi Abraham Hershel reminded us that “Though few are guilty, all are responsible”. In the urgency of “Black Lives Matter”, we are called to take responsibility for the government of our communities, so as to assure justice, quality education and overall well-being of neighbors. Failure to use the vote led to city council and police failing to protect and serve. One failure led to another and eventually to the death of Michael Brown. We are all responsible. Early voting in Louisiana begins Tuesday, October 25. If you vote outside of Louisiana, it is not too late to get your absentee ballot. Move the world. Make it humane. Make it just. GO VOTE.

In Joy and Hope
Reynold Verret, President
Xavier University of Louisiana
Oct. 18, 2016

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