Being “in the know” is one of the main duties of the average college student. In doing this, many students miss out on campus activities because they have no way of finding about them. Here at Xavier University, students use the program OrgSync to stay updated on more than just activities. OrgSync allows for all students to be connected and informed about various clubs, service opportunities, and fun activities. According to Xavier’s Student Activities Director, Amber Davis Prince, Org Sync began being used on campus in 2015.

Before this, there were no other ways of communication among students and because of this many people thought nothing was going on on campus. “Throughout campus, OrgSync allows for direct communication between student organization leaders and students. Every student is in the system,” said Davis-Prince. Freshman Mikala Bowen said, “I like OrgSync because it is a place where you can see all of the information at once, rather than having to search all around for what is going on on campus.”

However, some students didn’t know what OrgSync was at all. When speaking of ways to avoid this problem Davis- Prince said, “It is the student’s responsibility to stay updated on campus activities now that there is OrgSync. There will be a relaunch of OrgSync next semester; however it will always be up to the student to check the program.” Overall, this semester has brought various events that have been displayed on OrgSync. Compared to before using OrgSync, student activity throughout Xavier was low, but after using this program, students appreciate it because they can be involved first hand.

“I love OrgSync, because it allows me to collect event data. This program allows for all of my work to be justified, because it teaches SGA accountability,” said Davis-Prince. “Until something better comes along, OrgSync will be the program for Xavier.”

For more information about how to troubleshoot or begin using OrgSync, email Amber Davis Prince at

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