Friday, Sept. 16, 2016 Xavier University’s Confucius Institute celebrated their third annual Mid- Autumn Festival. Mid-Autumn festival is the second most important traditional Chinese festival after Chinese New Year. The festival is celebrated when the moon is believed to be the brightest and fullest. To the Chinese, it is a symbol of happiness, abundance, and family reunion.

The students of the Confucius Institute embodied just that. The night was laced with beautiful performances by the Xavier Jazz Band, the beautiful women of New Orleans Chinese Yinhe Dance Team, Yuan’s Dance Studio, and New Orleans Chinese Choir. The event even featured performances by Xavier students such as a Chinese Rap by Serena Newberry and an elegant traditional dance appropriately named “Bright Moon When Will You Appear” by Paulina Crouch.

Xavier Freshman Ibe Montanya said his favorite part of the night was watching the choir and enjoying Serena Newberry’s eclectic rap. Other students such as Ashley Mellow and Shakira Thomas, said they were interested in the Mid-Autumn festival in hopes of learning new things about the Chinese culture, and they look forward to the festival next year. President Verret even stated how much of an auspicious occasion it was and how he looks forward to the cultural binding of New Orleans and China through Xavier’s Confucius Institute

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