Freshman year brings about new experiences, new independence, and ultimately a new chapter of one’s life.During this time, students learn various new things such as: how to adjust to being away from home, how to make new friends, how to maintain their grades, and much more. In addition to these things, it is important for freshman students to reflect on this time, as it leaves as fast it comes. By Sept. 26, the freshmen at Xavier University of Louisiana are starting to get accustomed to some of the ups and downs of college.

Jasmine Collins, a Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy major from Donaldsonville, La. feels that her college experience has been a smooth transition from high school. “I have made plenty of friends from each of my classes. The workload is extremely time consuming, yet manageable,” Collins said In order to maintain good grades, it is appropriate to acknowledge that anything is possible as Collins does.

Che Demczuk, a History major from D.C. has been enjoying his new found freedom and learning opportunities. He has befriended his entire living hall because he believes that there is a mutual friendship within everyone. Demczuk believes that classes have been tricky but understands that more time must be spent studying, visiting professors’ office hours, and utilizing the library.
“I am most excited about getting the best achievable grades that I can, as well as accomplishing all of my other goals,” Demczuk said. Like Demczuk, it is extremely to establish goals early into the semester because anything can come about to alter the chances of the goals to be accomplished.

Kennede Potts, a Biology Pre-Med major from Atlanta, finds it interesting to be in New Orleans because she enjoys befriending new people and learning their backgrounds. Potts likes her professors, but knows that she must work with their office hours. “The only thing that I do not like is waking up early for 8 am classes. The lectures can be dealt with, but it is most important to know what you do and do not know, because you can go to the resource center for help,” Potts said. Whenever freshmen are having difficulty in any of their courses, the Resource Center is there to be a guiding light to success. It is always important to address all issues before it is too late. One thing all three could agree on was being excited for homecoming; they’re excited in what it has in store.

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