Dey say you ain’t gone never be

Dey say u gone be just like yo
daddy nem

Dey say u gone be pregnant by

Dey say yo family is poor and all
y’all live in that one house!!!!

What dey don’t say is

What are we here for.

Are we really more than the

Are we really more than the

Of course i say I’ll be a doctor
one day.

That’s why I’m in school right.

I mean if I go I can say I stood
the fight.

Get the point that I should finish
not because of what dey say!!

But finish and be the best in my

For my own better day!!

And yes family will be thrilled.

But it’s not about them or dey,

But the God inside of me won’t
let me fall away.

So let’s triumph through the late

And crowded halls.

Let’s push through the late night
and that underage alcohol.

And be better be the greatest dey
have every seen…

The one dey think we can’t be.

The electronic millennium that’s
what dey can call us.

But what dey miss is that it isn’t
where we come come from

It isn’t about who are parents are

We are bigger than the I phones
or social media that connect us.

It’s the electric currents deep
in our soul that urges us to be

So shrug to dey I am paving my
own way…….

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