The long awaited Partynextdoor 3 (P3) album had me feeling different types of emotions which I couldn’t at first decide was good or bad on the first listen. After the third listen, I can report those emotions were good. Knowing from previous Partynextdoor albums and songs he brings a mood to his music other artists strive to give their fans. This album was no different, as Partynextdoor blends a new dancehall sound mixed with his old alternative R&B feel.

The album shows an evolved PND that suffers from predictability still but adds a new upbeat tempo with his usual topics of sex, drugs, and woman.
The album begins with “High Hopes” building up the sexy dark mood with his signature ”Party” opener and added gunshots. Upbeat and lasting 7
minutes he reveals that he has high expectations for a ex he’s checking up on.

Then comes the experimentation of the dancehall genre that Drake, his O.V.O. crew mate has been loved and scrutinized for lately. This part of the album starts with “Not Nice” which is an island vibe that makes you want to get upand dance and is mixed in with PND’s comments on how his
current girlfriend treats him badly and he would never do that to her.

“Problems & Selfless”mid tempo is a combination of revelations of his love life regarding his problems with two woman fighting over him and his desire for his son to have these problems. Transitioning into where PND really drops every wall and gets into his new girl’s issue with being selfish and never realizing PND’s selflessness through it all.

Moving into the last few songs on the album come the album’s potential favorite’s “Transparency,” “1942,” and “Come and see me,” which are more fast paced and describe the new PND sound perfectly.

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