“Keys to the Streets,” YFN Lucci’s Rise

On Sept.16, 2016, YFN Lucci joined a few artists — Tink, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, and budding local rappers — and put on a performance at Xavier’s Convocation Center. YFN Lucci is an Atlanta rapper who grew up listening to multiple rappers he related to like Tupac, Lil Wayne, Hot Boys, Ja Rule and more. At age 16, Lucci discovered his own musical talent and decided he could make it big while rapping about his lifestyle and the way he was brought up in the world.

As Lucci’s popularity gained in summer 2014, TIG signed him to their label. His first EP, “Wish Me Well,” is available on iTunes. Lucci’s most recent mixtape “Wish Me Well 2” came out in Feb. 16, 2016 on his birthday. “Wish Me Well 2” went nationwide and sold over 60,000 copies and had 1 million views on LiveMixtape.com. One of his most popular songs on the EP is “Keys to the Streets,” which features the Migos as well as Trouble. This song was on everyone’s playlist while going out with friends. Now that Lucci is being known for his incredible talent, he is living his dream and connecting with many people that can relate to his lifestyle.

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