One of my little known facts is that I’m a huge country music fan. It’s not exactly a secret, but it doesn’t come into play when most of the music being played at my HBCU is hip-hop and R&B, not that I mind since those are my favorite genres. Anyway, I decided to play with the popular hashtag #WomanCrushWednesday and make a playlist of six country music songs singers dedicated to their favorite woman (at least two of these will be played at my wedding).



  1. God Gave me You—Blake Shelton



Reason I love this song: In this song, Blake Shelton pays homage to his soon-to-be wife by saying God gave him her for the good times and bad. At that moment in his life, Shelton hadn’t been who he wanted to be, but with his girl by his side, he realized he could make it through his struggles and become who he was destined to be.


Notable lyrics: Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs/ God gave me you for the days of doubt/ And for when I think I lost my way/ There are no words left to say it’s true/ God gave me you.


  1. Your Man-Josh Turner



Reason I love this song: First off, Josh Turner’s deep voice is soothing to my ears. Honestly, this is country music’s version of baby-making music. This song reminds me of waiting for my blue-eyed sweetheart to come in after a long day of work. Turner loves his woman, and he says as much. He admits to thinking about being her man all day, and he can’t wait to come home to her.


Notable lyrics: Baby, we ain’t got no place to go/I hope you understand/I’ve been thinking ’bout this all day long/Never felt a feeling quite this strong/I can’t believe how much it turns me on/
Just to be your man


  1. Must be Doin’ Somethin’ Right—Billy Currington


Reason I love this song: It’s a different kind of slow song. It reminds me of relaxing with your man, just being in love and not having to do anything but be with him for happiness. Not only that, but Billy Currington knows how easy it is to mess up with his woman. Sometimes it’s as easy as holding her hand, and sometimes it’s as hard as holding her all night—but whatever it is, he’s doing the right thing because his girl just kissed him, and he’s happy because of it.

Notable lyrics: Anywhere you wanna go, baby, show me the way/I’m open to suggestions, umm, wheatear you say/Tonight’s about giving you what you want whatever it takes/Girl, I hope I’m on the right road, judging by the smile on your facei


  1. Gettin’ You Home—Chris Young



Reason I love this song: Chris Young knows his girl loves to dress up, so he’s planned a night out for the both of them—real fancy, too, at an expensive restaurant, her in her black dress, him in his tie, sipping on some red wine and the like. Young enjoys this date with his girl, watching her dance and enjoy herself. But, to be honest, he really just wants to get her home. You know what’s even better? As much fun as she’s having, she tells Young to pay the waiter and leave because she just wants to get him home, too. Relationship. Goals.

Notable lyrics: That our night out of the house ain’t gonna last too long/ When all you can think about is gettin’ me home.


  1. I Don’t Dance—Lee Brice

Reason I love this song: When it came to love, Lee Brice just wasn’t the type of guy to settle down. He didn’t even think he had it in him. But, all of a sudden, he met this girl, and the cliché happened—he fell in love and everything changed. He settled down. Now all of a sudden, she has him dancing, even though he doesn’t. He’s spinning her around in circles. And, according to Brice, it’s because she has him in the “palm of her hands.”

Notable lyrics: I don’t dance/ But here I am/Spinnin’ you round and round in circles/ It ain’t my style/But I don’t care/ I’ll do anything for you anywhere.


  1. Little Moments—Brad Paisley

Reason I love this song: Listen. Brad Paisley enjoys his woman for all the little things that you usually skip over. While her looks, personality, and smile is everything and more, it’s the quirks, the goofs, and the sweet things that really make him smile. Paisley sings about those little moments being the things that really capture his attention and make him fall in love with her over and over again.


Notable lyrics: That’s like just last year on my birthday/She lost all track of time and burnt the cake/And every smoke detector in the house was going off/She was just about to cry until I took her in my arms/And I tried not to let her see, me laugh/Yeah, I live for little moments like that


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