Whether you’re #AllLivesMatter or #BlackLivesMatter, it’s safe to say it’s been a rough week in America. Between Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, Alva Braziel, and the Dallas Police Shootings, we figured should bring some positivity to our Twitter. So we asked via the #XULA hashtag what was something positive that happened to them this week. Here are some of the responses:

Whether it was family and friends;

Self Care

Or meeting someone new;

postiive people

jordans post

Buying some make-up;

make up

Taking a nap;

Or being blessed to make it another day not being a hashtag;

1more day.3


1 more day.1

1 more day

Or succeeding in something you’re struggling with;


Looking in the mirror and realizing you’re becoming cuter and cuter;

But, best of all, waking up and realizing, despite everything that’s going on, you’re still black and beautiful:

Last One

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