In honor of the popular social media hashtag, I decided to twist it up a little bit and do the music version. I always see the Tweet “if the love don’t feel like 90’s R&B, I don’t want it.” I love 90’s R&B, so I decided to give y’all my top-13 favorite 90’s songs that were a staple between me and my cousins growing up.

13. Freak Me-Silk

Silk is best known for this single. When I first heard this, I was about seven, so that was about 2003. I remember sunglasses, pelvic thrusts, and dirty lyrics I didn’t understand too well. As a 20 year old, I am very well aware of why this song is classified as a “baby maker.”

12. Angel of Mine-Monica

Maybe I think this song is slept on because I wasn’t actually old enough to comprehend it, but even now amongst 90’s songs that get played at parties or events, it still gets no love. Kind of upsetting because “I’m gonna love you boy you are so fine” and I love this song because it is so good. This is honestly one of my favorite love songs.

11. No Scrubs-TLC

This will always be my anthem. “No, I don’t want your number. No, I don’t want to give you mine.” This makes the list of my favorite 90’s song because every girl has at least thought this once. At a party, and a guy slides up behind you while you’re dancing and doesn’t get it when you stop? Anyway, ‘No Scrubs’ makes number 12 because it’s relatable.

10. Creep—TLC

I honestly just liked the dance to this song. I never knew it was about cheating, either, until I read the lyrics just now. However, I still like the song.

9. Breakin’ my Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)- Mint Condition

“Don’t go breakin’ my heeeeeeeeeeart.” When I tell you I will sing this song with everything I have—I will sing it with everything I have. I mean, the clutch the shirt, eyes closed, dramatic face, etc., etc. I’m just looking for my pretty brown eyed boy to sing to.

8. Anytime-Brian McKnight

With this song, Brian McKnight had me questioning if I ever crossed anybody’s mine… anytime… anytime… Sometimes, I still wonder if people wake up reaching out for me. This 1997 hit is still the most played McKnight song on my playlist.

7. Nobody-Keith Sweat

This is probably the most notable Sweat song. Who likes this song more than me? Hit it, Keith. “Nobooooooooooody.”

6. Girl U for Me—Silk

Silk was one of the best boy bands to come from the 90’s in my humble opinion. Girl U for Me was one of the hits from their album Lose Control that released Nov. 17, 1992. This is definitely my favorite from them. Something about the line, “Just ask and I’ll do; I’ll do it for you,” really makes me want that special someone to do whatever I ask (like bring me chili cheese fries on bad days. Or good ones).

5. All My Life- K-Ci and Jojo

So, I’m going to go ahead and admit it: I get in my feelings to this song. Before ‘You for Me’ by Johnny Gill, I wanted to walk down the aisle to this song. As a little girl, I used to love hearing this song with my mama. I don’t remember who, but someone walked down the aisle to this song when I was around seven, and to this day, it still reminds me of red flower petals and white weddings, so that’s why it gets to be six.

4. Feenin’-Jodeci

I just can’t leave this song alone (song reference). I’m an addict of it (another one). I’m not sure what as a little girl made me love this song so much, especially since I had so little experience with love, and even less with being with someone. I think it was the vocals, honestly, that made feenin’ for someone sound so nice.

3. Let’s Get Married-Jagged Edge

So the first time I heard this song, I was raking up leaves in my front yard at five. I immediately dropped the rake to listen. This song makes me smile because I’ve always dreamed of getting married, like some girls do, and I want a guy to feel this way about marrying me. No sappy stuff, though.

2. Cry for You-Jodeci

Before Drake mentioned this song in ‘Controlla,’ Jodeci was singing loud and proud. I don’t know who this song was about, but Jodeci was going through heartbreak when this song came out. I hope for the sake of their pillows, which got so wet with tears, that the girl came back, or they resolved the problem and moved on.

1. Whip Appeal-Babyface

It was hard choosing a favorite, but I’m going to have to go with my 90’s #MCM, Babyface. Although this song was released in 1989, I still felt that I had to put it. Not only am I in love with the song, but the video never fails to make me smile. Babyface is not just a cutie, but he has some serious vocals. No one “does it like him” in this song. I just wish I had been old enough and around back in his day so I could have that kind of “whip appeal” on him.

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