Since Xavier’s last town hall meeting, the cafeteria and various dining facilities have undergone many modifications that have the students raving. The Herald was curious to see how the students really felt about the changes across the Dining Services; therefore, we decided to ask them about their views and experiences. When asked about their sentiments on the changes in the dining services, many students’ eyes lit up and they responded enthusiastically.

“I am so happy! I am a pescatarian, so I love how they have more healthy and vegetarian options,” said Ja’Niece Walker, a sophomore, Biology major. “I did not know so many things could change over spring break.

I am really impressed with Sodexo,” said Jordan Swanier, a freshman.

Chemistry pre-pharmacy major, Indigo Gill, a tutor in the Writing Resource Center, is excited about the vegetarian options of Sodexo, and noted the freshness of the salad bar and its inclusion of quinoa and kale.

When asked about what further changes they would like to see at Xavier, many students mentioned structural improvements and renovations to the halls, more inclusive and unique activities for the entire student body, and more meal plan options and Rushbucks for commuter students. However a few expressed a desire for a student union.

“Before, there used to be a “club” across the bridge, so I would like to see a place for students to hangout,” said Noel Bourne, a senior Mathematics major.

While students are definitely enjoying these additions and modifications to dining services, and they look forward to further improvements to the services offered by the university.

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