A blend of cultures, ideologies, art forms, and music sometimes co-exist in perfect harmony in most cultural communities. The student community of Xavier University displayed the true definition of what a melting pot is by joining together to bring culture, style, and color to all who attended The Melting Pot event on Feb. 24. The event, organized by Xavier’s Activities Board, was an attempt to provide more entertainment and creative outlets for students. The performances pulled the audience in with eye opening words, life changing liturgical performances, and all forms of art that touched on life, music and identity.

The Melting Pot started in September, 2014 because students wanted a campus experience that was more than just academics, said Amber Davis-Prince, the advisor for Xavier’s activities board and a staff member in the office of campus activities. Davis-Prince worked alongside a collective of student organization from all different majors and backgrounds to get the artistic event going.

“Being a student you can’t really go to class and dance or recite poetry, the Melting Pot is one of a kind. The event, in my opinion really relieves stress for students,” Davis-Prince said.

Melting Pot-2
Members of NOLA Connection African Dance energize students with their high energy dancing. Photo by Delaney George.

The student attendance rate for the Melting Pot is usually a fairly large number and this month’s Melting Pot also attracted a crowd. About 150-200 students attended the February Melting Pot. Student performers expressed their creativity and originality as the crowd engaged in their artistic acts.

“As a student you should come to the Melting Pot because you’ll be able to have an experience that is always unique,” said Many Cato. Cato, a senior, computer science major, was one of the many students who helped organize the Melting Pot. “All of the acts encouraged positivity and progress for us young adults,” Cato said.

Melting Pot board members encourage students to not only attend the Melting Pot but to be a part of it as well, Cato said. In order to be a performer in the showcase students must sign up and the Xavier Activities Board members must approve their act. Any Xavier student is welcome to sign up to be a performer by contacting the Xavier Activities Board. The Melting Pot is usually held on the stairs of the administration building, however, last Thursday the Melting Pot was held in the ballroom of the University Center due to bad weather.

Melting Pot-1
Tro’ Juan Henderson motivates a packed house at the Melting Pot. Photo by Delaney George.

The Melting Pot consisted of student artists of all kinds who volunteered to display their deepest passions and talents to their school. At the event, performances consisted of liturgical dancing, variations of spoken word, an innovative style of rapping. The Melting Pot also invited a special guest speaker, Tro’Juan Henderson, whose talks seek to empower young African Americans. Henderson, a Dallas, Texas native, has been professionally speaking since 2009. Performing at multiple venues and schools across the country, Henderson focuses his poetry on hip-hop, life, nature and culture.

“My personal favorite performance was the NOLA Connection African Dance. As I watched them, I loved the energy they gave to the crowd and how the crowd reciprocated it back,” Cato said.

Victoria Sawyer, a Xavier freshman said she attended the Melting Pot for the first time in February and deeply enjoyed the diversity and style of the event. “It was great. My favorite performance was the Liturgical Dancers. I enjoyed how the event itself showed so much black culture and emphasis on black history month that it served as a replacement for not having a black history month play,” Sawyer said.

Xavier activities board will be hosting another Melting Pot on Apr. 21 2015. Students can sign up or get more information at Adavispr@xula.com

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