Students Rate Campus Life

College is as much an experience as it is a place for higher learning. The Customer Satisfaction Survey covers a variety of “quality of life” issues at Xavier, including how students feel about on campus activities such as concerts and recreation. The Office of Student Services is over programs such as the Student Government Association and Xavier Activities Board.

According to survey data:
• While 21 percent of students feel dissatisfied about the transparency the Office of Student Services, SGA and XAB provide about how musical artists and special events are determined, 42 percent feel neutral.
• 28 percent say they are dissatisfied with on-campus recreational activities, and 37 percent answered neutral
• A large number of optional comments suggest students want more music, parties and special events to boost morale and enhance their Xavier experience The university encourages students to suggest musical talents for campus events.

Recreational Activities

Joseph Byrd, vice president of student services, explains that students are a key part in finding artists. “We don’t tell them whom we can invite. I think it wouldn’t be fair to the student body if we selected the artists and said, “This is who you have to have,” Byrd said. As a Catholic institution, Byrd said it’s important to note that vulgarity stands against its Catholic tradition and ethics, so artists must accommodate the university’s protocols.

Does the office of Student Services, SGA,
and XAB provide transparency
in how music artists
and activities are selected?

XAB and other campus organizations want more student participation in making decisions about their on-campus activities. With SpringFest around the corner, there will be several opportunities for students to be active and voice their opinion.“Sometimes we have this  mindset, that it won’t be fun because of this and that instead of just going and seeing what it’s about,” Tracy Haddock, XAB’s secretary, said. She predicted that response to the student survey and others will result in a “… change for the better in due time because we can already see changes happening all around the university.”

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