Xavier Dining Services is conducting a short community survey, to determine the best meal plan & retail options for the Xavier community. Please click on the link below to be part of some of the exciting changes coming to Xavier Campus. http://www.sodexosurveys.com/f/94491/1277

Based on responses to survey questions about Sodexo dining services, students are dissatisfied with menu choices/variety and the operating schedule for the cafeteria and Jazzman’s. Respondents are split almost evenly with how they feel about maintenance and cleanliness, and food services generated the most optional comments for the entire survey, which can be found online at www.xulaherald.com/studentsurvey

Of the 502 respondents:
• 129, or 23.2 percent, do not have a meal plan
• 241, or 48.6 percent, are dissatisfied with menu choices/variety
• 194, or 39.2 percent, are dissatisfied with operational hours of the cafeteria.
• 139, or 28.1 percent, are satisfied with dining hall maintenance and cleanliness;
• 105, or 21.2 percent, are dissatisfied

How Dining Services Work
In an interview with the project team, Ralph Johnson,senior vice president for administration, said choosing a dining services provider starts with the procurement process when the university sends out a request for bids. Xavier has contracted with Sodexo for a number of years, Johnson said, and the last contract was signed three years ago. “It’s an exclusive agreement, and they are the provider of first choice. We work with them so that they can understand the needs of the university, including students’ expectations,” Johnson said.Maintenience & Cleanliness

Sodexo addresses hours,complaints
Food service availability on campus—for students with meal plans and commuters looking for a bite to eat—is a hot topic for discussion Johnson said that there is room for change in the operation hours. However, the vice president and Sodexo are hoping to first tackle the conversations about meal plans.Scott Price, on-campus general manager for Sodexo Dining Services, says that hours of operation will be extended in March. Currently, the cafeteria is

Operation Hoursopen on weekdays for breakfast between 7 to 9:30 a.m; lunch is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m; and dinner is from 4:30 to 7 p.m. on weekdays.

“We would like to extend breakfast meals from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.[…] and lunch will be from 2-4 p.m,” Price said. However, during the extended hours Sodexo plans to close main and international lines, and keep the additional stations open for students. Price also discussed the possibility of keeping Flambeaux’s open until midnight.

Alternative Brands on Campus
Many students say they are not happy with the current choices of dining options on campus.Johnson said it is possible to have a conversation about offering alternative brands on campus. “Very often a company like Sodexo would own a franchise like Chick-Fil-A, and we can always havethose conversations with Sodexo about the possibility of bringing in a franchise like that, but without the label,”Johnson said

Price is aware of the limitations of Sodexo’s contract with Xavier and said both parties must agree upon adding alternative brands. “We have had conversations about other brands, and it’s mutually agreed upon by Sodexo and the University. Within my limited ability, we would love to be able to provide those things for the university,” Price said.

Anonymous Student Comments About Sodexo
“…Please branch out. We, as students, who have
no other choice but to eat this every day, need to
have more variety. Sodexo is only good some of
the times…Please try to branch out to other food
companies so that the menu isn’t so predictable.
I promise, this would make students so much

“It doesn’t make sense for the cafeteria to close
at 7 p.m. when most students stay up to at least
1 a.m. studying. That’s six hours without eating a
meal. [There] should be a late-night food spot on
campus for students.”

“We need a new or upgraded company
for services in the cafeteria. The food is
digusting, especially on the weekends, even
the people that work in the cafeteria know
this. Also, most days they usually serve the
same thing every week.”

“I wish we had more options for dining on campus. It
feels so isolating for someone who lives off-campus,
because I know other HBCUs who have contracts with
Sodexo and still provide more dining options than we
do. Since I don’t have a meal plan, I find it hard to eat
on campus because Sub Connection is the only thing
that stays open late.”

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