The collegiate process has been extremely rewarding for me in terms of gaining the necessary skill sets towards my accounting career. I had the rare opportunity to gain internship experience at a leading pharmaceutical company the summer of my sophomore year through my mom’s employment at the company for over 10 years. The concepts I learned in my accounting course were similar to the ones I practiced in my internship. The only major difference was the application of those concepts was on a wider platform due to the company being multinational.

My current internship came quicker than expected, but it has proven to be an experience very different from the first. My adviser recommended that I should work at this company for the remainder of my collegiate career. The company is a nonprofit organization, which includes no more than three employees in the finance department. This in turn proves the necessity for my presence in the department today and allowed me to understand that the work I do truly makes a difference. My responsibilities include preparing journal entries, bank reconciliations, and paying invoices, all of which I have learned and practiced here at Xavier.

Both internships provided me with very different yet useful experiences I will carry with me throughout my accounting career. I believe internships are important in the development and training for anyone pursuing a career. I have taken full advantage of any opportunity that has come my way.

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