My name is Darielle Cobbs, and I am a senior accounting major. This past fall semester, I was granted the opportunity to work as an intern at the Slidell Housing Authority. Slidell Housing Authority is a housing program for low-income families and elderly that provides safe, affordable housing opportunities.After I interviewed and was informed that the internship is located in Slidell, I was skeptical because that is far from where I live, and I figured that would be extremely hard. Yet, along with one of my classmates who is also an intern there, we began to carpool and make the best of our daily drive to Slidell. I’m happy about my decision.

My daily responsibilities include collecting and depositing rent, payroll, paying the company’s monthly bills and assisting with any other jobs. We are currently working on bank reconciliations for the housing authority’s fiscal year. While doing the bank reconciliations, I have learned how to use the check register and other incoming rent when comparing numbers. to the general ledger and bank statements.I have learned things at my internship that prepared me for the governmental accounting I’m studying in a class this semester. Working there has definitely allowed me to realize what branch of accounting I want to practice.

It has also showed me that if I ever open my own business that it takes hardworking and trustworthy employees because small problems can lead to bigger problems. In accounting, the smallest mistakes are the hardest ones to fix, and it’s a challenge and a lot of pressure. Overall, I enjoy working at the Slidell Housing Authority and appreciate Professor Cliff Wright for the reference and opportunity.

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