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Former President Clinton explains how Hillary Clinton can point the United States in the right direction. Photo by Eric Craig

On Friday, March 4, 2016, former U.S. Secretary and Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Number one supporter endorsed her: former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

At the Ashe Powerhouse Theatre, located on 1731 Barrone St., hundreds of people filled the theatre to listen to President Clinton’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, while also encouraging citizens to vote.

Hillary Clinton is one of two Democratic presidential candidates listed in the Louisiana Primary on Saturday, March 5, 2016. Only registered Democrats and Republicans are allowed to vote.

Supporters stood in line eager to hear President Clinton.
“I’m excited to be here, and lend support to my fellow supporters,” said Nolan Bush, who stood first in line for two hours. “This conference is necessary to get everyone ready to get out the vote,” he added. Clinton discussed several issues that face Americans in the coming years. He focused primarily on modernizing infrastructure, assessing the student loan crisis, and embracing unity and diversity in the United States.

“We are the youngest most diverse country on earth. We are in a better position for the future,” President Clinton said in his speech. President Clinton noted that Hillary’s greatest strength is her mission to support and incorporate Americans from different backgrounds. ”Hillary is running for president to put every singe person in this country in that picture,” former President Clinton said. After Clinton’s speech, Leila Eames felt excited for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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Clinton spoke to an audience amounting over two hundred people. Photo by Eric Craig

“The fact is that her campaign is pulling all people, diverse people, together. His message is about healing, encouraging us to come together,” Eames said. Others were anticipating the primaries. Yoni Sunshine left the conference with new hope for change. “I thought it was a great speech. It stated the obvious to me, but is amazing how its not obvious to other people,” Sunshine said. “He message is about uniting people, which made it a very powerful message,” he added.

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