G.A.P.S. Week to Help Students Consider their Future; Advance their Studies

One out of four non-science majors from Xavier University attend graduate school and 30 percent of Xavier graduates attend graduate school. The office of Graduate Placement is urging students to participate in their events from March 13 to 18 to increase these numbers. For their annual Graduate and Professional School Week the graduate placement office hopes to spark student interest in further study as they take steps to decide their future. The week will be filled with events such as “Cupcake Café” and “Celebrity Scoops on the Yard.” Each event will provide students the opportunity to share their interests with a representative and to receive information.

“The goal of G.A.P.S. Week is to ultimately increase the awareness of our services to the student body through engagement on campus,” said Tracie Thomas, the director of graduate placement at Xavier. The office also wants to “encourage students to take advantage of the support and encouragement available in the Office of Graduate Placement to prepare its students for graduate and professional educational pursuits after Xavier,” The week’s events allow students to know what resources are available to them, said Brian Waldrop, the assistant director of graduate placement.

“The events taking place this week are meant to point students in the right direction. The ultimate goal is to get students to a graduate program and to interact with our office,” Waldrop said. “The annual event is to give students insight and to establish a bridge to students and the graduate placement office,” he said.All of the events appeal to different students. Thursday’s event will hold a panel of young adults who will be able to relate to students, while Friday’s event will allow professors to interact with students while serving them ice cream.

“Our hope is that current students will gain motivation from a peer panel discussion,wisdom on how to discover/pursue their purpose and passion through advanced education, enhance their networking skills by engaging XU alumni, and refine their plans for life after Xavier,” Thomas said. Graduate placement representatives hope that the week would spark student interest and offer students opportunities they had not considered. Math education major Yasmine Secrets believes that students should utilize the graduate placement office because it will expand their networking skills.

“Freshmen and sophomores should definitely start looking into grad schools because they could do summer programs at respective schools to get more of a feel,” Secrets said. Thomas urges students to come gather information at the “CAC on Location” on Tuesday afternoon, “XU Network Dinner” on Wednesday evening, and the “Grad School Here I Come”event on Thursday evening.

“The “Grad School Here I Come” peer panel discussion will feature current seniors and first-year students…and focus on how students can prepare early,” Thomas said. “The “XU Network Dinner” will feature local alumni across a number of careers who have successfully navigated undergraduate and graduate/professional school to pursue successful careers,” Thomas said.

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