Among the streams of Marvel movies, none quite hit the mark like “Deadpool.” Ryan Reynolds portrays comic book hero Wade Wilson, a crazy and reckless mercenary known for having a tongue as sharp as his swords. Notorious for facing death countless times, Wilson never seems to die.

With a knack for getting into trouble and a newfound relationship, this mercenary has no reason to fear death. However, all of that is threatened when Wilson is diagnosed with cancer and

Image Credit: Fox movies. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool in action
Image Credit: Fox movies. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool in action

decides to leave everything behind in hopes for a cure. Tempted with the opportunity to be cured of his disease and become a superhero in the process, Wilson finds the cure for his dilemma at the cost of his face. Now on a mission for revenge, our anti-hero locks and loads for the sake of poetic, or rather cosmetic, justice. Now with the ability to heal from any injury, Deadpool is even harder to kill, and he uses that to his advantage to protect the one he loves.

Deadpool is a favorite among many Marvel fans.Considering the current trends of super hero movies, this movie did not disappoint. Not only does it appeal to long-time fans, but it allows for newcomers to get to know and enjoy the things that make Wade Wilson one of the most entertaining men to don a spandex costume.

While this film is definitely not for children, many adult fans will appreciate the mix of offcolor humor, high stakes action, and the ever-present jab at people on and off the screen. For those who wish to see wild ride packed with guns, blades, and the trademark all-out battle of good and evil, I recommend it. If you don’t get your fill of adrenaline from one end, it’s because you were too busy laughing on the other.

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