Forty-five minutes before his performance CRWNS sat down with the Xavier Herald excited to tell us how he went from a college DJ to having his own set at BUKU Festival.

CRWNS started off like most college DJ’s playing at school events and fraternity parties. Though he kept networking with other musicians in the New Orleans he wasn’t sure what would come of it until a text message changed his whole life.

“I got a text from a just a random number saying I think you’re ready do you want to play at BUKU? And I of course said yes! And now I’m here.”

CRWNS hyping up the crowd.
CRWNS hyping up the crowd.

When asked how he is able to balance school and work, the Tulane philosophy major says, “It is kind of hard balancing school, my fraternity and of course DJ-ing but I definitely put my music first because I have to do this for my fans.”

The trap/ electronic dance music DJ says he is inspired by Louis the Child, NGHTMARE, and Float Den who were also feature in the BUKU festivities. CRWNS admitted that he would love to work with artist such as Future who headlined the festival Saturday night.

CRWNS advice to college student who want to follow their musical dreams is “You always have to work hard and networking is important. Go to other artist shows and connect with them also connect with your fans. Its all about who you know in this industry.”

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