As an accounting major, I know business is becoming more global, which means competition for prestigious jobs continues to increase. The Division of Business stresses the importance of internships while we are students because they give us real-world experiences and greatly enhance our classroom learning.

Like many students, I learned the importance of finding an internship from my various professors and Carolyn Thomas and Marian Minnard in Xavier’s Career Services office. When I had the chance to intern at the National Finance Center, I understood the true importance of an internship.

The NFC is a shared service provider for financial management services and human resource management services for United States Department of Agriculture agencies. I work in the Financial Reporting Branch where I analyze the financial statements of the agencies and reconcile them with Treasury.My first day, I was nervous. Supervisors and employees said this experience would be completely different than what I am accustomed to in school. I started to question whether I was prepared to handle the job set out for me because I was dealing with real money and problems, not just textbook problems. As I reviewed training materials and sat in on meetings, I realized I had to have confidence in myself. That’s when I started to learn about accounts I didn’t even know existed, different audit techniques, and many forms and software that are helpful in conducting reconciliations and tasks I must perform as a systems accountant.

Working at the NFC gives me the opportunity to use accounting knowledge gain from my Xavier courses and apply it in the real world. I learned that college gives me the basics and foundation, but I need to also learn, challenge myself, and gain knowledge in the workplace.

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