As we approach the end of January and the heart of Carnival season, many can’t help but to get excited for the upcoming Mardi Gras festivities. But what’s more fun than going to the parade? Catching the throws. Some Xavier students have been lucky to catch some of the most famous throws aside from beads, cups, doubloons , trinkets and the coveted Zulu Coconut. Although carnival season began on Jan. 5, most of the excitement surrounds the parades and events held on the weekend leading up to Fat Tues., ending carnival season.

What do Xavier students say about their favorite throws at Mardi Gras parades?
Barry Sevalia, freshman physics major, knows that the bejeweled shoes at Muses and the painted coconuts at Zulu are one of the most sought-after throws. “You got to go to Endymion for the light up beads,” Sevalia said.

Zanola Philips, a junior biology pre-med major, described her favorite catch so far was a pillow with emoji faces on it.You can also catch Valentine’s Day themed beads and light-up roses at the Krewe of Endymion parade on Canal Street, which are only a few minutes away from campus.

Gabrielle Jenkins said, her favorite throws were the necklaces with extra large beads.

“The Bacchus parade seems to have a fun theme every year,” said Ariel Graham, a junior biology major.

“My personal favorite items to catch are the cups. I like to collect the different cups and pick a favorite one at the end of each Mardi Gras season.” To find out more about parades, schedules, throws and other Mardi Gras traditions, visit Be sure to enjoy yourself and catch some of the prestigious throws, while staying safe and traveling in groups.

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