Where in the world is Gold Digger?

While the month of November is filled with Homecoming events like coronation, the benefit concert, the Natchez boat ride, celebrations on the yard and alumni reunions across the campus, one important member of the Xavier University family has been missing.

Where is our mascot, Gold Digger? You know the guy, or maybe you don’t if you’re a freshman. He’s a large guy, black boots, black hat, dressed like a – you got it – Gold Digger. Xavier Gold Rush. Gold Nuggets. Gold Digger.
College mascots everywhere play key roles in establishing school spirit, and here at Xavier, Gold Digger is a symbol of pride. With the exception of November’s open house when he made a brief appearance, he’s been conspicuously absent from athletic events, rallies on the yard—everything.Why no Gold Digger? Silas Steele, director of recreational sports and intramurals, said it’s a matter of recruiting volunteers to wear the famous suit. “We need someone to help the Gold Digger. We’re looking for somebody to do it,” Steele said.

Do you think you have what it takes to get the crowd motivated to cheer on our athletes and project a fun, but professional, image for XULA? If you think you can wear the suit with pride, contact Steele at 504.520.7934 or athletic director Jason Horn at 504.520.7330.The person who transforms into Gold Digger must remain a top secret. Can you do it?

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