Seven years after the release of her last studio album “Discipline” in 2008, Janet Jackson returns triumphantly with her eleventh studio album “Unbreakable,” released on October 2, 2015 through her independent label Rhythm Nation Records. 

With “Unbreakable” Janet reunites with longtime producing and songwriting duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who are known for executive producing most of her discography, including her classic albums “Control,” “Rhythm Nation,” “The Velvet Rope,” and more.

“Unbreakable” in this sense acts as a seven-year-long journal of music dedicated to her fans and loved ones. With only rappers Missy Elliot and J Cole being guests on the album, listeners are provided with a return not cluttered with features. The title track provides the perfect intro into the body of work, with Jackson thanking her loyal fanbase for sticking with her throughout the years. Other songs featured on the album that makes listeners want to get up and dance include  “BURNITUP!,” “2 B Loved,” and “Dammn Baby.”

The tracks “The Great Forever”, “Shoulda Known Better” and “After You Fall” represent a very somber mood for the record. This mood is broken surprisingly through the tribute song to her brother Michael Jackson “Broken Hearts Heal”, offering an uplifting and reminiscent tune in remembrance of their relationship. The true highlight of the LP includes the standout “Take Me Away,” a electric guitar driven pop record set to be a hit if serviced as a single.

“Unbreakable” provides everything and more for those who have waited patiently over her seven year hiatus. While the core of the album is pop and R&B, many different sounds and genres are explored within “Unbreakable,” proving that Jackson, Jam and Lewis have not lost and will never lose their signature touch. Along with the exploration of different sounds, Jackson offers a variety of songs to be enjoyed by various generations, with the age range of her fans being so widespread. Overall, this album cements Jackson’s stamp as a legend within entertainment whose legacy and talent will forever remain unbreakable.


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