Public Transit Is Accessible, Affordable

Let’s face it: On-campus food, entertainment and basic services are
limited. There are no grocery stores, wide selections of food and drinks, and not much to do, especially after 7 p.m. week nights and all weekend. In order to get to know the city you’re in, you have to explore. For students with or without their own transportation, the solution to consumer freedom is a bus stop away on RTA.

The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is in charge of public transportation. It began as the St. Charles Avenue streetcar in 1835. Since then, RTA expanded and now serves the Greater New Orleans area with five streetcar lines— Canal Street (Cemeteries), Canal Street (CityPark/Museum), Loyola Uptown, Riverfront and St. Charles Avenue—and more than 35 bus routes. Many Xavierites either don’t know about RTA and how to use public transportation or are afraid to step outside their car-only comfort zone. Everyday for my summer internship, I took the bus to the Westbank and I learned the RTA inside and out. With this I gained freedom, advanced mycareer goals.

Bus Stops Near XU: Did you know the streets change “direction”on either side of Canal? Xavier University is on the south side of Canal. The most common routes that we live by are the 39 Tulane, 90 Carrollton, 27 Louisiana and 32 Leonidas-Treme buses. With the 90 Carrolton, students can go to the grocery store or find a new place to eat. The 39 Tulane goes from Xavier’s library and to downtown. Students can visit Magazine Steet or use it as a connecting route to the Lakeside Shopping Center on the 27 Louisiana. The 32 Leonidas-Tremebus goes up Carrollton Avenue and to Audobon Park.

Mardi Gras Benefits:  Looking for a safe way to get around during Mardi Gras? The RTA streetcar and bus routes are also available during festivalseasons. “Last year I mainlyused the bus and streetcar to get around so I wouldn’t have to drive or struggle trying to find parking during Mardi Gras and it worked out to be a great idea,”said Asia Clegget, a Loyola University student. Fits Student Budget Compared to larger cities, the RTA has reasonably priced fares. A one-way ride costs $1.25. If you need to change buses/ streetcars, tell the driver and the fare is then $1.50. You can also get a day pass for $3, which is good until 4 a.m. the next day. Have No Fear, RTA is Here Students who normally have a car choose not to ride the bus.  “Before I learned how to take the bus, I used Uber”said Lauryn Dial, a Xavier student. “But the bus is not as scary as some people think. It’s so simple”Dial said.

The RTA bridges the gap for students who don’t have cars, want to see New Orleans and want an affordable, accessible option to getting off campus. For complete information, more visit their website at

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