“How’s homecoming at Xavier? Most schools celebrate with a football game.”

Well since Xavier lacks a football team, it’s replaced with a basketball game. Along with the basketball game we also have other events such as the boat ride, homecoming concert, coronation, kick off, picnic, and other great activities. It’s a pretty great week.




RJ Daniels
XU Gold Rush Basketball


“I don’t like the bathrooms in KD. Are the dorms better after freshman year?”

Dorm life is undoubtedly better, if and only if, students view their living situation in a positive light. The good news is this becomes easier as upperclassman halls are newer and rules and regulations become more lenient. Lastly, if better resident life is what students are looking for, I encourage them to actively participate in community living. Life in the residence hall is truly what you make it.




Jeremiah Davis
Resident Assistant


“As an upper-class science major,do you believe your major is harder than the non-science majors?”

As a science major at Xavier, I do not think that my curriculum is harder than the other curricula offered at Xavier. By surrounding myself with friends that have a different major than I, I’ve noticed that they have just as much work as I do, sometimes more. I can say that Xavier prepares a curriculum that is suited for students to excel in any field that they
choose to pursue after graduation.




Kendra Jenkins,
Gold Star Member


“How’s life being an off campus student?”

It has its pros and cons. Besides bills and washing dishes, it’s really cool. You can always get away from campus when you need to. It can make you become more productive because you have more to take care of. Plus it’s always a nice feeling having your own house.




James Armstrong
Commuter Student


“As a senior, how was your overall experience at Xavier?”

My experience at Xavier University has been so transforming and life changing. I have been exposed to all of Xavier’s traditions. It has been a pleasure to have gone from a first-time student, to a volunteer, to
a servant leader, to a member of homecoming court, to now being a member of the Peer Dean Planning Committee and Project Coordinator for M.A.X. I hope that I can continue to encourage my peers and future Xavierites to keep our beloved Xavier’s mission and legacy alive.





Rosalyn Aaron


“Everyone is saying get involved. How important is it to be involved at Xavier?”

Being involved on campus gives you the opportunity to meet others
and form beneficial connections. It is a chance to expand your horizons
by being on committees and to get experience of real life scenarios
while planning and executing events. If life on campus seems boring or is lacking something that has not been performed, being involved on campus gives you the opportunity to change or introduce a new program or idea. Being involved is one simple way to make your opinion count.



Jamonica Jackson
Member of Alpha
Kappa Alpha Sorority,


“The weather here is completely different than where I’m from. I don’t know how to dress. Especially in the winter.”

In the winter it’s not as cold as compared to when I’m at home. I’m
from the DMV. Here I usually I like to wear jeans, a light sweater, and maybe a scarf since it gets really windy.




Cozette Boakye



“Are the parties more at Xavier or outside of Xavier?”

The parties are more outside of Xavier. I mean, Xavier focuses more on academics but they also have some good parties here.






Brennan Hull “Smokey”

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