To the Xavier University Community,

The Gender Equity is a club that allows Xavier students to come
together and discuss current societal issues. Topics that often come up in our group meetings are those regarding gender inequality, racial disparities, and classism. Our goal is not only to bring awareness to these injustices but also to develop plans of action so that we can make effective, positive changes in our community.We recently did this by having a Pay Gap Sale in the UC that showcased the wage differences between various genders and races.Students were able to see what women and racial minorities made compared to white men.

Also, Gender Equity recently volunteered with Agrowtopia, which is a community garden business that provides healthy vegetables to lower-income local residents.We are always interested in new perspectives and encourage all to come out to our events. The Gender Equity Club meets at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in Xavier South 221. The next meetings are on Oct. 7 and Oct. 21.During Wellness Week, Gender Equity has teamed up with XU Golden Girls to bring Triumph Krav Maga to campus for a self-defense workshop. On Nov. 7, the club will be screening “DreamWorlds” and we encourage everyone to attend.
Jessica Jefferson Equity Club






Jessica J. Jefferson
Gender Equity Club VP

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