Alexis Greer is photo star

Alexis Greer, psychology major took turns posing with Chinese tourists. Because our students are required to speak Mandarin (and have to pass an exam), the tourists were delighted when she responded to them in their native tongue. The lake is a national tourist destination, and the Confucius Institute’s 2015 Summer Study Abroad in China program delegation spent the day soaking in military history and touring the expansive site in a truly rural China setting.


A tour of the Hebei University School of Traditional Chinese Medicine was included for College of Pharmacy members of the 2015 Summer Study Abroad in China program. Shown is Dr. Ogechi Iwvorie, far right, who follows a medical terminology translation from Chinese to English provided by medical student Kristen Li, left. Dr. Liang Xianmao, center, holds a teaching sample in the department’s extensive herb collection.The COP team includes faculty member Dr. Lori Crawford and P4 Leon Burgess. The team has toured hospitals, clinics and teaching facilities in Baoding.

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