90 Seconds with Norman C. Francis

Birthday: March 3, 1931

Birthplace: Lafayette, La.

Siblings: 3 siblings; 2 sisters, and brother.

High School Sport: Basketball

Odd Jobs: Shining shoes, painting

Parent’s best qualities: Mom– Patience; Dad – Sense of urgency.

Musical Talent: Played the trumpet

How you met your wife: I met my wife at Xavier University and we got married June 6, 1955

Children, Grandchildren: 6 children: Mike, Tim, Kathleen,
Christina, Patrick, and David Francis; and 11 grandchildren.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti and meatballs, peanut butter sandwich

Hero: Oldest brother, Richard.

Secret to Good Health: I don’t know the secret to my good
health because I eat what I want and I have the habit of not
eating regularly.

Best Piece of Advice: Always respect yourself, other people,
and always be truthful.

Proud Moment: Watching the students’ expressions as they
come to the commencement stage with anticipation and the “Thank God I made it” look in their eyes.

Advice for Xavier Students: Persevere. Do not be distracted
by obstacles in life. Focus on faith. Believe in something you don’t know will happen.

Greatest Achievement at Xavier: Watching how the
alumni are doing and what
Xavier did for them.

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