Xavier University launched the inter-divisional faculty volleyball games this semester to provide a mix of fun activity to the teaching and research that faculty members are accustomed to doing.

Dr. Anil Kukreja, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, said faculty are spread across five divisions and do not always get the chance to interact with each other. Each division organized a team composed of their respective faculty and students. The divisions participating include “Electron Transport System”, Biological and Public Health “Spikers,” Division of Business, “THE LAMP” Fine Arts and Humanities “Green Energy” Mathematical and Physical Sciences; and “They Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us” Social and Behavioral Sciences.

“The Spikers” won against “They Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us” in the first of a series of faculty match-up volleyball games on Feb 10 at the Convocation Center. During week two,“They Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us” won against the “Green Energy.” At the end of the second game the “Electron Transport System” lost against “THE LAMP”.

“Well, I actually enjoy playing volleyball,” Elliot Hammer, professor of psychology, said, “And I’m looking forward to watching our opponents strain to return our vicious spikes.” Both teams served speedy  spikes in a friendly competitive atmosphere in the first match.

      The next match is set for March 17 at the Convocation Center where students can see faculty warm up from as early as 4:15 p.m. Faculty will play more divisional match-ups every Tuesday leading up to the playoff games on April 7. The tournament ends with the championship game on April 14.

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